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March 2016 Athletes of the Month: Judy, Bobby, and Bret

2016-02-22 19.33.19 (1)ASF Northwest: Judy Cole

When 53-year-old Judy first came to Austin Simply Fit, her goals were simple enough – drop 20 lbs, fit into a pair of jeans, etc. After not seeing continued results at another gym, Judy decided to give ASF a shot. “After my first workout, I was sore in places I hadn’t felt in years. That’s when I knew Austin Simply Fit was the place for me,” remarks Judy. Since working hard with head trainer Mark Rogers, Judy has learned so much, ditching her original goals and making new ones. “Mentally, I’m working on letting go of the need to be a certain size and learning to measure my success by the small gains that come practically every time I go to workout.”

Great results may come from great trainers, but they also come from hard-working and committed clients. “Judy has demonstrated what it takes to make a positive lifestyle change… CONSISTENCY. She never misses an appointment and always shows up ready to go,” says Mark. The consistency is paying off, with Judy seeing her measurements going down and her strength growing. Judy’s plan is to keep coming back and seeing how far and how much she can achieve.

Judy’s advice for newcomers? “You’ve already done the hard part. You’re off the couch and you’re here. Now give it everything you’ve got. You’re going to be amazed at what’s about to happen. That and pushing sleds sucks. We all hate it but we all do it. Embrace the suck.”


vlcsnap-2016-02-21-19h18m56s533ASF Central: Bobby Burns

Click here to read the full transcript of Jeremy and Bobby’s hilarious interview

Sometimes, a trainer-trainee bond is so close, that their pairing transcends that of a typical training experience. This deep connection can inexplicably produce some amazing results, seemingly powering gainz on little more than love and hope. Such is the case for our Central Athlete of the Month, Bobby Burns, and his coach/replacement father, Jeremy Schraw. “Bobby has several qualities I admire. If anyone at ASF can beat me at deadlifting, sarcasm or iced coffee drinking, it’s Bobby,” remarks Jeremy.

The duo learned early on that the traditional personal training model had limited applicability in their situation and were able to modify to ensure success for Bobby. Jeremy says, “We found that it was better to train on an intermittent, as-desired basis and spend the rest of our time rationalizing why the progress we were seeing was actually excellent given the minimal energy that went into training. Bobby is a living reminder to all of our other athletes that, you don’t even have to lift weights, if you really think about it.’

The two will continue to train together as Bobby continues to come to¬†every….most…some of the sessions… and remembers to bring pants with him. Jeremy adds, “2016 is going to be his year. We’re putting a couple things together. It’s gonna be big. You’ll see. You’ll ALL see.”


image3ASF South: Bret Curtis

Dedicated. Committed. Passionate. Humble. These are just a few words that describe South’s Athlete of the Month, Bret Curtis. Bret found his way to Austin Simply Fit looking for a way to improve his stamina and core-strength and to gain lean muscle mass. As a 24-hour endurance car racer, Bret needs to be able to sustain physical and mental activity for long periods of time. For that, he has started working out with trainer Chelsea Futterman. In their nine months of training, Bret has not only dropped body fat but increased his stamina and his ability to perform faster and for longer periods of time.

The beginning wasn’t easy though. The 49-year-old came to ASF with past shoulder injuries, including a shoulder replacement in November 2014 that limited many activities and exercises. “Bret’s motion was limited, which limited the exercises we can do. I’ve had to get creative with Bret’s strength training which keeps us both on our toes” says Chelsea. Bret couldn’t agree more. He adds, “My continued growth has been a happy surprise. She has had to work around my shoulder issues, always coming up with good ideas to help me get strong and lean.”

Bret’s commitment to staying in shape for his sport paired with Chelsea’s knowledge and encouragement has made a successful pair. Chelsea remarks, “I am excited to see what comes of Bret’s racing season this year as he has made huge improvements in the gym which I know will translate for him.”

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