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As trainers, our greatest sense of satisfaction and pride is when a trainee meets their goals. Our trainers are the architects, designing blueprints to build awesome, functional bodies. Our clients are the investors, dedicating heart and soul to lay down a solid, healthy foundation for their lives. Together, we all make a pretty great team!

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Mark Rogers trained Karen H.

I can’t say enough good things about Mark Rogers and Austin Simply Fit! It is a great private gym with a personal flare where Mark has managed to create an energetic, fun and positive environment. He and his staff are very knowledgeable, encouraging, and patient. They explain each exercise thoroughly, with an emphasis on correct form to maximize results and prevent injuries.

Lance Olian trained Sommer M.

Lance’s laid back personality makes me feel like I am working out with a friend, but he keeps me motivated and focused. He is understanding when life gets in the way of my workouts and makes adjustments depending on my energy level each day. Lance’s philosophy on eating whole foods and building muscle to protect my joints and encouragement in taking time to rest and continue my yoga practice are what helped me make my decision to train with him. After just a few months, I’m already seeing more muscle tone, increased strength and have more energy to keep up with my three year old.

Krista Bergeron trained Jessica G.

7 years ago I had a six pack, a rockin butt and legs to die for! Life happened… I got married and had a baby. Unfortunately I let myself go. I was NOT happy with where I was with my body. I met Krista Bergeron with Austin Simply Fit in October of last year- in 3 months I’ve lost 10 lbs of body fat!! I even took a month off over the holidays. Krista is AWESOME! I love how she challenges me and pushes me to my limit (and than some!) The atmosphere at Austin Simply Fit is comfortable and fun. I cherish my time with Krista- it’s MY time and I’m getting my rockin body back! We spend hundreds of dollars a month on our car payment and thousands on our house payment. We’re in our bodies 24/7 why dont people spend the money to take care of what we’re constantly in?! It’s well worth it.

David Polisky trained N.N.

I didn’t think i needed a change in my workout routine but i gave Austin Simply Fit a try anyways. I was wrong. I had definitely hit a fitness plateau but ASF shook it up and i’m now achieving things i didn’t think possible. Literally every time i go I end up saying “that’s not possible” about something and David says “yes it is” and I try it and I end up walking out of there more awesome than when i came in.

Bonnie Thomas trained Eliza D.

Austin Simply Fit is simply great! I’ve been working with Bonnie for about two months and I am already seeing serious results. Not only am I getting stronger, I also have more energy, have less problems with my knees on runs, and am looking better in those skinny jeans!

I first spoke to Mark, who was extremely friendly and informative, and he set me up with my first appointment with Bonnie. Both Mark and Bonnie took the time to talk to me about my goals, my health, and my overall fitness background.

The workouts Bonnie plans for me are truly focused on my needs. Bonnie pushes me to my limits every week, and she is always incorporating new exercises. My body aches the next day, but I’ve never been hurt from a workout there – Bonnie is always careful to check my form and makes sure my workouts only produce the “good” kind of pain.


  • Mark Rogers trained Summer L.

    I love ASF. Since working with Mark, I am noticeably stronger and immensely proud of myself for keeping a consistent workout schedule. He’s immune to my whiny pleas for less weight or easy exercises, although, he will change the music at my request. He recently moved to a new location, which is big and bright and fantastic. I would recommend ASF for anyone wanting to build strength and see results.

    Krista Bergeron trained Michelle W.

    I am someone who has always worked out in some way or another. It is not that don’t know what to do, form me it is about having someone else figuring out what to do one of my workout days and do it in a half an hour. It is a pleasure to have someone to listen to my long list of physical issues and be able to push me further than I may have pushed myself-but not into pain. Krista Bergeron has been a pleasure to work with at Simply Fit. Whether you are an established exerciser or just starting out, I recommend this gym to help you be in your best body.

    Mark Rogers trained Andrew S.

    The trainers at Austin Simply Fit are absolutely great. I have worked out with Mark for several years and have made huge improvements in my strength and agility. Their new facility is a perfect place to work out. Nice people that are very customer friendly and will help you achieve your goals.

    Krista Bergeron trained Jennifer C.

    Austin Simply Fit is a supportive, motivational environment to work out in. It’s comprised of all trainers and clients so it’s seriously down to business, and still completely lighthearted – it’s a gym that feels warm, like family. And Krista? There are no words. If you’re serious about staying healthy, losing babyweight (my case), actually enjoying exercise, and getting in a lot of diverse workouts, she’s amazing. My husband thinks she’s hard as can be, and still adores her. This is a TOUGH balance to pull off. Her best testimonial is the before-and-after bodies of her clients. It took 5 sessions to see my girlfriend’s body return to her teenage self. My vanity was initially all it took to get me in and hooked. Now I love it for the sense of strength and stamina I feel. And I feel energetic and swimsuit-ready with two children — one is five months old, so this is beyond my expectations. Krista took me through my entire pregnancy with challenging (and still compassionate:)) workouts, and I credit her with much of the physical stamina I had for the natural birth. She is well worth every session I’ve spent with her.