ustin Simply Fit

30 Minute Training Sessions Personalized to Fit You!

Training Programs

Do you prefer working out solo with a trainer, bringing a couple friends along for the burn, or sweating in the company of strangers? Regardless of your preference, Austin Simply Fit has a fitness training program for you.

Featuring some of best personal trainers in Central Texas, Austin Simply Fit is sure to have program to accommodate your needs. Choose from 1-on-1 strength and conditioning, semi-private training, or powerlifting crews. Round out your wellness with recovery and nutrition services provided through close relationships with ASF’s trusted professionals.


It’s time to focus on yourself.

Our knowledgeable and friendly trainers are here, on your time, for the sole purpose of helping you achieve the results that are most important to you. With 1-on-1 training, you are the main attraction, the star of the show.


Experience the motivation and fun that can come from working out with a training partner.
With groups from 2 - 3 people per coach, you split the savings and keep the gains!


Faster. Stronger. More Powerful.

For those already familiar with barbell lifts, interested on stepping on the platform, all the way to elite & pro-level lifters, training with a crew allows you to push your limits. The right combination of strength and conditioning work is essential for us to reach our peak performance. Through ASF’s Powerlifting Crews, you will find you are capable of much more than you ever thought possible.